How to Buy Furniture One Piece at a Time

Not everyone has the budget to go out and buy an entire furniture set all in one go and not every furniture store will hold a set for a long period of time which is why it is wise to learn how to buy furniture one piece at a time. It is not a bad thing buying only one piece at a time as this allows you to keep yourself in budget and not put yourself into debt.There are instances where you begin purchasing a certain furniture set one piece at a time but the designs could go out of style by the time you are nearing the end of your set so if you are considering buying an entire set consider to have the money put aside first or be prepared to have multiple pieces put together.The best way to get through buying furniture piece by piece is by buying exactly what you need at a time. When you are in need of purchasing a couch and have the funds for it don’t go out buying a new washing machine instead as you need the couch and you may already have the washing machine but felt you wanted to upgrade. By setting yourself guidelines you will make the entire process much easier on everyone involved.It is advised to buy furniture up to the best quality that your budget will allow as then you can make the furniture last longer and not find yourself having to repurchase the same piece of furniture in the near future causing you to have to put off the purchase of another piece.The benefit of purchasing one piece of furniture at a time is that you could find yourself getting some great deals, especially if the pieces are being sold individually in hopes to get rid of the extra pieces of sets. This can be a great way to cut costs and allow you to purchase other pieces even sooner then you expected so look for these kinds of deals if you are purchasing furniture one piece at a time.It can be frustrating learning how to buy furniture one piece at a time but it can also be a lot of fun. You can have the opportunity of finding great pieces that may not go together perfectly but really let your personality shine within your home. Buying furniture one piece at a time isn’t a bad thing even though it may be harder to do so be adventurous and find yourself some great deals because they are out there.

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Red Flags That Can Get You Audited

It is almost impossible to be completely proof of an IRS audit. However, people with simple and straightforward tax returns, withheld employment income, standard deductions, and no special credits will be least likely to be audited by the IRS. This is because the IRS will generally place emphasis on taxpayers with various income, credits, and tax deductions that are known to be prone to fraud or erroneous claims (which are considered red flags). Therefore, the way you file your tax return can increase the chances of being selected for an IRS audit. Here is a list of some of the known IRS red flags for audits:Professions That Deal a Lot with CashOne of the red flag areas is professions that deal a lot with cash transactions. Most of these transactions make tax evasion or fraud easier since auditing or keeping track of the trail (or record) of money in cash is quite difficult most of the time. These professions include house gardeners, taxi drivers, bartenders, painters, casinos, hair dressers, and other similar vocations. These jobs will usually have a lot of unreported or underreported incomes. The IRS will therefore, ardently scrutinize the returns of such taxpayers, whose chances of facing an IRS audit are higher.Erroneous Entries and AdditionsAnother area that can easily lead to an IRS audit is erroneous entries and addition errors. If you add or exclude a zero at the end of a given figure, it makes all the difference when it comes to taxes due. Therefore, the IRS quickly isolates such returns and takes investigative actions. If they are simple addition errors with no tax consequences, the IRS will make corrections with no follow-up audit. On the other hand, if the error leads to erroneous tax payments, then an IRS audit is almost inevitable. Therefore, double check the figures you claim and check your math before submitting your returns.Contractors and ConsultantsContractors and consultants including lawyers, dentists, IT consultants, motivational speakers, accountants, and such-like professions, also fall in the “red flag” category of income earners. The deductions and credits for these professionals are usually slightly complicated, and thus, they are prone to a lot of IRS reviews and examinations. Furthermore, there are generally a sizable amount of incomes made by these professions that goes unreported. Therefore, the IRS scrutinizes the returns of these taxpayers. If you fall in this category, ensure that you keep good record of incomes made, business expenses, and any other deductions that you seek to claim.Large Cash TransactionsAnother red flag for the IRS is a tax return with large cash transactions. Transactions that exceed $10,000.00 will normally be flagged as suspicious transactions. These transactions include gambling earnings or losses, funds transfers, foreign currency exchanges, or even charitable donations. Therefore, if your tax return has some high-value transactions, ensure that you have proper support documentation, in case of an IRS audit.Offshore IncomesOffshore incomes are one of the areas that have been identified as a major source of unpaid taxes and has therefore, will be marked for extra scrutinizing by the IRS. Hence, if you have foreign income, ensure that your documentation is accurate. Also, ensure that you file the FBAR Form by the due date to avoid any penalties and audits. If it is your first time reporting foreign income, be sure that the IRS is notified of when your offshore accounts were opened and the nature of the business. Furthermore, it is always encouraged (and required) to have all the documentation ready for review.Losses under Schedule CBusiness losses, losses due to hobbies, and any other losses you wish to include under Section C of your tax returns is another red flag item. If it is a hobby or new business, the IRS will need to see an “intent for profit” to allow a loss deduction.

Building Individual Prosperity Through the Collective Consciousness

This article covers the role of the collective mind in building personal wealth. If you are developing a prosperity mindset or already have one, you will be interested to know that your personal development is only one part of a fully-charged financial wealth plan. Here are the ways to get society on your side so that you can follow the road to prosperity to its successful end.Is Money Wet? The financial services industry has used water as a symbol for money for decades. Liquidity is one of the common industry terms for available (or soon to be available) cash. Money flows in and out of accounts like water flows through pipes, account balances rise and fall like the level of a swimming pool, and without money our lives dry up and we feel like we are dying of thirst.With discoveries such as the Law of Attraction and other wealth building prosperity laws, we learn that our relationship with money can be one of deliberate attraction and that money can be as abundantly available to us as any other earthly element such as fire, air, earth or – you guessed it – water.New Age metaphysical gurus have sprung up all over the globe who put the pieces of prosperity together into the one central theme of effortless attraction: us standing in a valley, with money flowing from the top of a mountain and downstream to our feet. This is an enticing image because it makes the income generating process feel easy and magical.Money as Far as the Eye Can See. I view an individual’s control and command over money somewhat differently. Rather than viewing myself as a magnet with the power to will money to move in one direction or another, I think that we have to relocate ourselves to where the money is.I see money as a resource that is located in stockpiles, plentiful and sitting right out in the open, but along paths that require a specific type of navigation and an ability to overcome the roadblocks.If I had an engine that I could put into my car that was strong enough to withstand all of the bumps on a hazardous road with steep terrain, hazardous rain and winds, then that would be the vehicle I would use to effortlessly steer myself to these stockpiles.The bumps in the road and the hailstones might make my heart leap a little more than if I were finding money like water with a forked stick, but the journey would still be on autopilot. All I need to do is find the right machinery for my car.That machinery is the collective consciousness.What Is The Collective Consciousness? The collective consciousness is a scientifically proven field of awareness and intelligence that exists between human beings and that links us all together. We have a remarkable ability to tap into this power to read each others thoughts and intuit our feelings, which has extraordinary implications for wealth seekers.The study of collective mind energy has been observed at work in the fields of science, philosophy, law and religion. Scientists have explained how groups using relaxation, enhanced concentration, intention, creative visualization, and faith in a higher power, have increased the chances of favourable outcomes and averted disasters by the sheer force of thought.What Does the Collective Consciousness Have to Do With Me? You are already working with the collective consciousness, just by getting up every day and going to work.Your current take home pay is a function of the collective consciousness valuing from day to day your contribution to society and distributing a benefit to you based on that calculation.If you work for a company, society first has to value the business’ worth, after which a series of ever smaller departments and teams ultimately derive your individual economic share of the business. This happens no matter what position you hold in a company. You are subject to a “funnel down effect,” where the value of the business gets siphoned down through several rounds until it reaches you. The company’s absolute discretion over this process is directed by a workplace culture over which you probably have little control.If you are an entrepreneur or investor, you are communicating more directly with the collective consciousness and eliminating (or drastically reducing) this funnel down effect. That is because you are negotiating your value to society based on your own products and services, which you offer directly to your community or to society at large.